PO Box 142 · Fort Mill, SC 29716 phone (440) 796-7806 · e-mail me@jimmysawczuk.com · web jimmysawczuk.com

James J. Sawczuk


Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OH
Aug. 2005 – May 2009
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Minor, Mathematics


Red Ventures
Fort Mill, SC
Sept. 2017 – present
Principal Software Engineer
Feb. 2020 – present
Senior Software Engineer
Sept. 2017 – Feb. 2020
  • Designed and implemented an API in Go for an internal system for doctors to update their credentials
  • Prototyped a command-line tool in Go to synchronize logic changes between CDN environments
  • Led the development of and architected large portions of a search and scheduling API for a major health provider network, as part of the company's leap into healthcare
  • Helped to migrate a legacy AWS environment with about two dozen applications and services into a new one built entirely via Terraform
  • Architected a modern backend for a travel product we acquired, helping to migrate from a Java-based monolith to a more modular, cloud-native approach
  • Led the development of a CI/CD pipeline and provisioned infrastructure for the new travel backend using Terraform
  • Helped to architect and led the development of an API to provide search and scheduling for healthcare providers at a national scale
  • Helped to develop and formalize our version control strategy, and implemented documentation and contracts that let us collaborate asynchronously with the frontend engineering team
  • Served as a mentor to many other engineers: reviewed code, assisted in debugging and gave advice on how to move forward in their careers
LoudDoor LLC (Storylift LLC)
Columbia, SC
June 2009 – Sept. 2017
Senior Software Engineer
Jan. 2015 – Sept. 2017
Software Engineer
June 2009 – Jan. 2015
  • Developed highly-scalable web applications using a LAMP stack deployed on Amazon EC2
  • Spearheaded the development of a business pivot to Facebook Page audience analytics
  • Prototyped most of the analytics algorithms and systems used in the company
  • Listed as a co-inventor of utility patent #9,842,349, "System and method for preference determination."
  • Consulted on a statistical study of Facebook fan engagement vs. age for Coca-Cola to present at a conference
  • Designed and implemented a rich persona definition API in both Go and PHP which is still used for most of the company's analytics work
  • Designed and implemented a worker daemon in Go that schedules and runs thousands of analytic tasks per day
  • Designed and implemented a datamining program in Go to find "interesting" crosstabs for clients
  • Created a web app that allowed the creation and execution of ad-hoc SQL queries for use in reporting
  • Designed and implemented a sales lead platform with the ability to forward leads to multiple client platforms
  • Implemented a "management report" which contains critical metrics and is generated daily and e-mailed to decision-makers at the company
Lazorpoint, LLC
Cleveland, OH
June 2007 – May 2009
Application Developer - Intern
Client Services Engineer - Intern
  • Created custom, data-driven applications for various clients
  • Gained experience in .NET development, report development and handheld development
  • Worked with other developers to standardize practices including application deployment techniques, version control management, and product testing standards
City of Mentor
Mentor, OH
May 2006 – July 2006
Engineering Intern
Perry Local Schools
Perry, OH
Nov. 2003 – Aug. 2005
Web Programmer/Designer


  • Programming languages: Extensive experience with Go, PHP (standard and MVC paradigms, Laravel framework), Javascript (ES6, Vue, jQuery, some React); some experience with C#, shell scripting
  • Infrastructure: Extensive experience with Amazon AWS (EC2, ECS, S3, Lambda, some API Gateway, some Cloudfront, some Kinesis), Terraform
  • Databases: Extensive experience with MySQL and SQL Server development/optimization, Redis; some experience with MongoDB, DynamoDB, MySQL administration
  • Other technology: Extensive experience with Git; experience with Kubernetes, Cloudflare, Subversion, Mercurial, and CVS version control, Memcache, Redis


  • Created a small free-to-use blog website that operated for almost four years. Users were allowed to upload photos, write journal entries, etc. Source available upon request.
  • Created Section 411, a blog on the Hugo platform with a theme designed from scratch.
  • Published several technical posts
  • Created Louvre, an image manager that can resize and serve images on the fly