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Back in black

Usually a sure sign that I’ll be posting pretty soon is if I post a “I won’t be posting for a while” message a couple days before. Anyway, a couple tidbits of news relating to my “mesh” of JimmySawczuk.com sites in the cloud:

  • I’ve updated Sleep Timer to version 1.2.0. This version allows you to mute your sound and comes with some easy presets to make setting the time a little bit easier.
  • I’ve added a new site to the mesh, an issues knowledge base that’ll be kind of my place to store computer solutions I come across. If I really get bored I’ll start actually writing articles for it.
  • I’ve added some more repositories to my public Subversion portal (and a new theme too). Check it out at code.JimmySawczuk.com. As I said when I open-sourced McJournal 7, I make no promises about this code – and it’s probably not very well commented. The difference is that I’ll probably get around to commenting at least the Sleep Timer program (ideally).

Have a happy Tuesday, hope to see you again soon!