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Hello blogosphere! After what I know must feel like forever, I’m back and writing some stuff on this thing. So much to discuss, so I’ll just kind of go down a list.

  • “You Decide” 2008: Please, please, please, please do not vote for Hillary Clinton. I’ve determined that if you are absolutely inclined to vote democratic, that Barack Obama might actually be your best choice. Here are some reasons why the other two (anyone actually believe Gravel and Kucinich have a shot? Stop reading this blog immediately):
    1. John Edwards has absolutely no idea that the campaign is a competition. Has anyone seen this guy? He’s lost every state he’s run in, and invariably, after the votes are in and its determined he’s lost, he CELEBRATES! I think we can predict what would happen if he were elected: something would eventually happen that would tick China off, they would attack us, they would win in a war. But President Edwards would say, “It’s okay America! We came in SECOND! YEAAAAAAAH!”
    2. Hillary Clinton lies like her husband. I wonder if anyone in the Clinton family has ever told the truth (voluntarily, anyway)…
    3. For all of you liberals who complain that by this time next year, we will have had a Bush in office for 12 of the past 20 years, there is a conservative that feels the same way about the Clinton family. Regardless of your beliefs, regardless of how much you hate one party or the other, you cannot possibly argue that having the country run by two families for 24 years (or more, if, God forbid, Clinton gets reelected in 2012) is good for this country.
    4. Of the three candidates, Obama has been in politics the shortest amount of time…which is a good thing. The longer you’re in politics, the less likely you are to do what is right over what is popular.

    A few of you might recall that I’ve supported Rudy Giuliani for president for a long time. I liked his national security strategy and his record on crime, as well as a lot of his social and economic views. However, when it comes time to vote on Super Tuesday, my vote will go towards Mike Huckabee. Let me tell you why:

    1. No negative campaigning. The fact that Huckabee has not released any ads attacking his peers has greatly helped his campaign, and for me has increased his likability. One of his main mantras is “Americans want their president to remind them of a guy they work with, not the guy they work for.” That’s a great attitude to have. A lot of other candidates say they “work for the American people”, but I like the idea of a team setting from the beginning. It’s a fantastic vision of what American can be. And the fact that he hasn’t gone on the offensive and attacked any of his peers shows his difference from the other candidates.
    2. No more IRS! This idea is probably the main reason I’m voting for Huckabee. The IRS has become a bureaucratic mess. Here’s a question: how many of your tax dollars go directly towards funding the effort to collect taxes again next year? I do not have an exact figure, but getting rid of that from the budget leaves more money for more important things. But the main thing is that it doesn’t tax Americans on their INCOME. It encourages more conservative spending, and could help to fix a lot of things wrong in the economics of the basic American family.
    3. Accountability. Huckabee has already admitted several mistakes he has made and has held himself accountable. His weight, which was astronomical just a few years ago, has gone down because he started watching what he ate and exercising, not because of a miracle drug or liposuction. His policy on Iraq has also changed. He was not a supporter of the surge earlier in the year but has admitted that he was wrong and that the surge is working. For the record, he also believes the war in Iraq should be WON, not just ended.
    4. Social issues. Pro-life, against gay marriages but for gay rights, against amnesty towards illegal aliens.
    5. The most important issue: endorsed by Chuck Norris. Need I say more? His Chuck Norris commercial was pretty humorous, and he’s said some pretty funny stuff in debates as well which only increases the guy’s likability.

    Apart from Huckabee, I would still support Giuliani and McCain in a general election (against Obama). But if it were Mitt Romney… I actually think I would cross party lines and vote Obama. I don’t agree with everything Obama says, but I think he would be a much better president than Romney.

    And those are some of my political views of late.

  • Technology world: A few random ramblings:
    • Since November 26 (my last post), I’ve tried Fedora 8, Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Debian, Ubuntu again, Fedora 8 again and Linux Mint. Clearly I had some issues with a few distributions :). I stuck with a Fedora 8 installation on my desktop and and going to install Linux Mint on my laptop at some point fairly soon. I’ve really liked Fedora thus far, I only had some minor issues with graphics and sound, and Linux Mint seems like a great distribution for my laptop because it comes with a lot of codecs and drivers preinstalled. I may try an openSUSE installation on my laptop too, it seems like that offers some interesting new features as well.
    • The MacBook Air. At least its not the iPhone (in terms of hype). I would seriously recommend against getting this, even if you are a Mac person, even if you really need an ultra-light computer. It’s overpriced, it’s underpowered, and I imagine the first models will overheat like no other laptop ever has.
  • Had some free time, so I wrote a sleep timer app for Windows PCs. Check it out if you want.
  • I’ve also checked out some new languages, including Python, which I am already a huge fan of.

In other news, I’m in Operating Systems as I finish this post and we’re talking about process control. The C function for creating a new process is the system call fork(), the professor is Asian… so he pronounces it as “f***”. The result is pretty hysterical, I’ve about lost it a couple times already:

“How do you create child process? Call fork(). The parent process will fork() and create a child process.”

The slant rhyme makes me wonder if the designers of C had this in mind when they were choosing what to call things.

I think that’s all I have for now. I’ll post more when I can.