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“It was just good business”

A Netflix envelope

Netflix’s recent announcement ignited a huge social media and traditional media reaction yesterday. But unlike many of Netflix’s past announcements, the overall response wasn’t positive. In fact, it was deeply negative. There’s no doubt that price hikes in general aren’t popular decisions, but as I read the details, most of what Netflix said made sense for them and wasn’t bad for me. It seemed like much of the Internet, however, took the price increase as nothing less than a vile betrayal along the lines of Peter Pettigrew towards Lily and James Potter (see what I did there? The final Harry Potter movie is out on Friday; the post is about movies).

Back in black

Usually a sure sign that I’ll be posting pretty soon is if I post a “I won’t be posting for a while” message a couple days before. Anyway, a couple tidbits of news relating to my “mesh” of JimmySawczuk.com sites in the cloud:

  • I’ve updated Sleep Timer to version 1.2.0. This version allows you to mute your sound and comes with some easy presets to make setting the time a little bit easier.
  • I’ve added a new site to the mesh, an issues knowledge base that’ll be kind of my place to store computer solutions I come across. If I really get bored I’ll start actually writing articles for it.
  • I’ve added some more repositories to my public Subversion portal (and a new theme too). Check it out at code.JimmySawczuk.com. As I said when I open-sourced McJournal 7, I make no promises about this code – and it’s probably not very well commented. The difference is that I’ll probably get around to commenting at least the Sleep Timer program (ideally).

Have a happy Tuesday, hope to see you again soon!

Campaign Finance Reform

I don’t know if anyone noticed this, but I put some ads on this blog because a) it was easy, and b) it’s a great way to earn an extra 30 cents a month. Google AdSense, which handles those ads as well as a lot of others you see around the web, looks at the content of the page currently being viewed and generates ads that match keywords in that text – so AdSense on www.indians.com would probably serve baseball-related ads.

Anyway, I find it somewhat humorous that as I view this blog today, all of my ads are related to the current presidential campaign. Campaign finance reform, eh? I think every candidate should tell every voter to visit my blog for more information regarding who to vote for.

P.S. I just thought of this – what would happen if Google AdSense was installed on Google AdSense’s website? My theory is that the Internet would blow up.