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Same old, part two of many

I should make this a daily thing.

Barack Obama is at it again, folks. This time, he has reversed his position on offshore drilling, saying he is “willing to compromise” as long as there are higher taxes on oil companies.

First of all, why do you think he changed his mind? Is it because he’s suddenly had a change of heart, and suddenly he noticed offshore drilling would be a good idea? If you ask me, I think he saw a recent poll which stated that 69% of Americans support offshore drilling as opposed to 30% opposed. Let’s say you’re Barack Obama: what would you pick? Perhaps you, like most Americans, know that offshore drilling isn’t a solution to the problem, but like most Americans, are sick and tired of paying high gas prices. Or perhaps Barack Obama, being the inexperienced politician that he is, is desperate for approval.

Barack has already tried to spin this as “Change? What change? I never change! I hate change!” (That article is where I pulled that poll from, too.) It’s one thing when you change your mind, it’s another term when you attempt to say you didn’t; the term I’m thinking of is “Orwellian“.

Let’s say now that we all agree with His Holiness, and that offshore drilling is a good idea as long as we tax the oil companies. Does anyone else believe the oil companies will cooperate with this strategy? Here’s a little economics lesson, from someone who has never taken an ecomomics class: when the price of oil goes up as a result of taxes, those friendly oil companies will pass those higher costs along to you! Obama doesn’t seem to get this. In fact, he must think those oil companies are pretty nice guys, overall, based on his plan to have the oil companies stimulate the economy they’re screeching to a halt.

By the way, you may have noticed I’m pulling these articles from CNN.com bloggers with the rare article from the main CNN.com. The bloggers, I’d say, are generally fairly liberal, and the article writers are definitely liberal. But even their liberal bias can’t mask this guy’s confusion over who he is, what he wants, and how he intends to do it.