WWW is the new blog

A couple of quick programming notes (related to the content of this site, not my actual programming. Actually I guess it is related to my actual programming. So forget I said this.):

  • You may have noticed that blog.jimmysawczuk.com now redirects you here, to www.jimmysawczuk.com. I did this to create a more unified feel for my web presence, hopefully it’s more helpful for what you’re looking for. I’m still working on it, so let me know if you have suggestions or concerns.
  • Because I moved some files around I needed to rebuild certain projects so that they could be downloaded from the server off the installer, so I rebuilt Invaders and George In Space!. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you should – they’re probably the two most useful programs I’ve ever made.



As always, thanks for your feedback, and above all, thanks for reading!