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Just another day at the office.

Just another day at the office.

When I was born, my Uncle Jim (who has since passed away), who was a newspaper columnist, wrote me a letter welcoming me to the world and introducing me to my family. It was a neat idea (and a tradition I plan to continue), and in the letter, he predicted that because of my genetic makeup, I’d be an All-American, All-Academic starting linebacker for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

My parents, who probably read the letter the night it was written as opposed to discovering it buried in family photos years later, probably read the letter and chuckled. Given the fact that my parents are both computer programmers, I can imagine one of them saying, “there’s no way that kid’s not a programmer.” (I’m not sure what this says about my sister, who will probably cure cancer one day but can’t defragment a hard drive to save her life.)

And if one of them said that, they were right. I’ve been fascinated with computers since I was in elementary school, launched my first website back when Albert Belle was slugging home runs for the Indians, started writing programs in middle school, wrote a full web app in high school, and never looked back.

Well, kind of. Because there was definitely a time over a period of the last few months and years where my computer science knowledge stagnated, where my interest in the field was at a low point, and where I just felt burnt out. But lately I’ve felt that drive again, that addiction to building awesome things that only software engineering can deliver.