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A head full of hopes…

Some tidbits from a cool Sunday evening in Cleveland, post-Feast of the Assumption edition.

  • Apple is screwing stuff up a lot lately. First was the well-documented MobileMe issues and now are the 3G coverage problems. Here’s the thing about Apple: they design sexy hardware and sexy user interfaces, but the underlying code and foundation is crap, especially at first. At any other software company, they teach you to design from the ground up (i.e. get the network issues fixed before worrying about MobileMe, and get MobileMe’s e-mail fixed before you worry about more services). At Apple, it’s backwards, and it screws them every time. Why do you Apple fanboys allow it?
  • TV shows I’m looking forward to this fall, in order: How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, 24 (counts, because there’s a prequel in November)… Monday Night FootballSeinfeld reruns (actually those should be higher)… and finally The Office. We’ll see if The Office is able to turn itself around, but I’m not hopeful. And I somehow forgot about House, which I’m a half-season behind on but love everytime I watch.
  • The Browns play the New York Giants in Monday Night Football (preseason edition) tomorrow night. A couple things to watch for:
    • Will Kellen Winslow play?
    • Will Derek Anderson complete two drives?
    • What kind of circus catch will Braylon Edwards make?

School’s starting up pretty soon, so I’ll be back on more of a regular schedule with the ol’ blog. Until then, have a good week and I’ll talk to you when I can!

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