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Same old, same old

Barack Obama is doing everything he possibly can to make me NOT vote for him this November.

Now I’m aware that a lot of you are ardent Barack Obama supporters, so what I say here may hurt your feelings a little bit. (I don’t really know why, but generally people seem to take it personally when I say something negative about His Barackness.) All I ask of you is that you read this post, THINK about it, and then feel free to leave your comments.

If you’ve watched a news channel in the last year and a half, you know Barack Obama is really all about change. He’s about changing our foreign policy, he’s about changing our economy, but most importantly to me, at least at this point, he’s about changing the way things are done in Washington. I interpret that as “I’m going to run a different campaign than my colleagues here in Washington would.”

Great! A politician who isn’t a politician, right?


In the last couple days, the battles between McCain and Obama have become more and more heated. Barack’s supporters, as usual, took it personally when the GOP launched BarackBook.

I saw BarackBook and immediately burst out laughing. “Are you serious,” I thought. “This is how the republicans think they’re going to beat one of the most revolutionary presidential candidates ever?” BarackBook, upon further review, is basically a (very poorly done) knockoff of Facebook, and tries to woo the younger crowd into getting information about Obama that Obama does not want the younger crowd to know. I won’t go into too much depth here, suffice it to say that BarackBook is pretty much a typical Washington stunt, much like the “gas tax holiday” (oh, by the way, Congress was beginning to debate raising the gas tax before they decided to take a “well-deserved” month-long vacation).

Then the McCain campaign launched the “Celeb” ad:

As I embed the video into this blog post, it’s actually not as bad as I heard it was, and further illustrates my point about how Obama and his supporters (ahem, entire mass media) take things personally. But let’s say, for sake of argument, that the ad was as bad as Obamanation (any annoying group of fans these days gets the word “Nation” attached to it: Obamanation, Red Sox Nation, etc.) claimed. If you were Barack Obama, what would you do?

I’ll tell you what I would do: nothing. I would keep going around talking about what I’m going to do to fix this country. I would completely ignore John McCain and the GOP’s tactics as tactics (and no, Barack, talking about how his tactics are “right out of Karl Rove’s playbook” doesn’t count). I would ignore all of it, because playing into John McCain’s hand is a typical Washington politics.

Imagine my surprise then, when I came across this little gem: The Low Road Express.


First of all, if its possible, the “Low Road Express” is even lamer than “BarackBook” because the “Low Road Express” didn’t even bother to register a domain name. Secondly, does this help the voters at all? Are people seriously going to go to this site and say, “OH! McCain’s ad made me think you were going for an Obama/Spears ticket. Whew!”? No. The new site does nothing except attack McCain.

To be fair, McCain attacked as well. I won’t say he attacked first, because I don’t really know how you can say who attacked first, and honestly it doesn’t really matter. The point is, how many of those generously donated dollars, oh faithful citizens of Obamanation, went into creating this? Don’t you feel a little cheated and misled? Weren’t your dollars originally going for change, change and more change? How is this different?

Same old, same old.

I hope you read this article all the way through, because it’s not something you’re likely to hear the truth about on any news channel. The truth is that Barack Obama has turned into a typical politician, and means that if it were anybody but McCain (and maybe Romney) running on the other side, I’d be voting that way.