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I used to rule the world…

It’s actually turned into a beautiful Sunday evening in Cleveland – no better time to sit next to an open window, watching a baseball game (not the Indians, who stunk up another one today) and blogging.

  • I guess the Indians are a great place to start, actually. Last year, when I turned on the Indians game to watch, I would stay on SportsTime Ohio for the entirety of the game (and more, if it was a good game and I wanted to see highlights). This year, I don’t mind watching the Indians pitch, but if they’re at the plate I have a tendency to change the channel, particularly if Ryan Garko, Jhonny Peralta, or David Dellucci are batting. Last year you always had this feeling that victory was always just around the corner, and the Indians would find it or come very close to finding it. Even if they were down in the ninth, it seemed like they would always figure out a way to get guys on base and make it interesting and occasionally they’d pull it out. This year, we have had one walk-off win (if I recall correctly) and I don’t think we’ve won at all after trailing after 8 innings (except maybe very early in the year).

    My point is that when the Indians are playing, the fans aren’t having fun anymore. And I can’t imagine the players are having much fun. For those of you who get on me constantly about writing in this thing, remind me sometime in the coming weeks to write a midseason review of the Indians, once I have some time to gather my thoughts.

  • Anyone notice that traffic in Cleveland is especially bad? It seems like you can’t go anywhere without hitting construction (and it’s particularly bad right around where I live, on Euclid Avenue and Mayfield Road). I’m okay with construction, but I wish government projects were run like small business projects. If Lazorpoint were to run a project like these construction projects are being run, the client would have fired us or never done business with us again. I’ve told the guys I work with that if you live on the Ohio-Indiana border or Ohio-Pennsylvania border, you should hear a traffic report that sounds a little like this: “…and if you’re going to Ohio today…just don’t. Go around. Take the route through Kentucky and Virginia, because that whole state is just a mess. Back to you…”.

    And when you hit those construction free oases, it’s still very likely you’ll run into a driver that has absolutely no idea what they’re doing. I think if you were to give a driving test to every driver on the road, only 10% would pass.

    How do you solve this problem? Remedial drivers tests are an option, but I see both sides of that argument: on one hand, drivers who are adults in most cases absolutely need to drive in order to get to work, be productive and provide for their families; on the other hand, drivers who can’t drive are safety hazards to drivers who can.

    The only solution that really has any possibility of working is everyone taking responsibility for their actions.

    Hold your laughter please.

  • Anyone find it funny that one of Hillary Clinton’s campaign promises was ending our national debt, but now after her campaign is over, she finds herself $22 million in debt?

I’m kind of out of shape on this blogging thing – my endurance is low even though I didn’t write that much. Oh well…

Back in black

Usually a sure sign that I’ll be posting pretty soon is if I post a “I won’t be posting for a while” message a couple days before. Anyway, a couple tidbits of news relating to my “mesh” of JimmySawczuk.com sites in the cloud:

  • I’ve updated Sleep Timer to version 1.2.0. This version allows you to mute your sound and comes with some easy presets to make setting the time a little bit easier.
  • I’ve added a new site to the mesh, an issues knowledge base that’ll be kind of my place to store computer solutions I come across. If I really get bored I’ll start actually writing articles for it.
  • I’ve added some more repositories to my public Subversion portal (and a new theme too). Check it out at code.JimmySawczuk.com. As I said when I open-sourced McJournal 7, I make no promises about this code – and it’s probably not very well commented. The difference is that I’ll probably get around to commenting at least the Sleep Timer program (ideally).

Have a happy Tuesday, hope to see you again soon!

It’s been such a long time…

So it’s been a while (12 days) since I last blogged, and I thought I would tell you, my faithful readers, why.

It’s not that there isn’t much to blog about. I could talk about the new iPhone, I could talk about Hillbama, I could talk about gas prices, and I could talk about the Indians, among other things. I think the main problem is that my favorite time to blog is the morning – between the hours of 8 AM and 11 AM. In the summertime, I’m working during those hours, and thus can’t really blog (although I do take a break around 10 to read the news and such).

But another issue with my lack of blogging is that sometimes you just need a break. Typing all that stuff, especially after a long day of coding at work, isn’t easy, and recently when I get home I’ve been spacing out for a while before resuming work on some projects which maybe I’ll get to share with you soon.

But anyway. As always, thank you for your patience as I take a little summer vacation. I’ll be updating less frequently this summer but I imagine I’ll be back to my normal frequency in a few months. Thanks, as always, for reading – I’ll be writing again soon.

The fiery pulpit

So I went to church this morning, and the weirdest thing happened: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama weren’t mentioned in the sermon at all. Not even ONCE!

I believe I’ve posted here before about how it seems like most of Obama’s problems aren’t with something Obama has said or done, but rather someone who is associated with Obama. The main perpetrator, until this week, was Reverend Jeremiah Wright. You remember him – he’s the guy who is actually of the opinion that AIDS was invented by the government. Our government can’t even run a legitimate election, and this guy expects us to maniuplate complicated genetic structures. Riiight.

This week, the bar was raised by Reverend Michael Pfleger. It’s really too bad this guy chose preaching as a profession, because it was hysterical to listen to, even though completely inappropriate. (I can totally see a future Chris Rock routine that looks a little like that.) Of course, the media is playing it up again.

In all seriousness, though, what if I wrote here on my blog that I supported Obama, and then wrote something completely insane, offensive or treasonous? Say someone from the New York Times picks it up and whatever I wrote was so offensive that the New York Times runs a story (NYT Editor: “Free controversy? Sign me up!”). All of that would lead to one, very disturbing fact: My blog would be famous! I’d have so many hits I wouldn’t know what to do with myself!

So now, I need something that would be so offensive or scandalous that this blog would make it. And folks, here it is: Barack Obama…wait for it…plays World of Warcraft!

*Collective Gasp* Anti-nerds everywhere: unite and do not let this man into office!