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The roster is set

The Indians have finalized their Opening Day roster, sending Tom Mastny to the minors to make room for newcomer Craig Breslow. I’m not sure I like this move (or, for that matter, the Cliff Lee, David Dellucci or Jorge Julio moves), but we’ll see how it (and the others) pan out. I’m just hoping Ben Francisco does get a chance at some point this year, as I think he’s the Asdrubal Cabrera of 2008.

I also hope the Indians finally, at some point, get rid of the dead weight that is Andy Marte. Look, Mark, we know you have your pride and don’t want to admit that trade was a failure; but in case you haven’t noticed, it hasn’t worked out so well for the Red Sox either, and we still have Kelly Shoppach, who is probably one of the top 10 catchers in the league and he doesn’t even play every day for us.

Given the choice, I’d much rather see Josh Barfield, because even if Barfield is hitting .050 as a fifth infielder, he plays outstanding defense and runs well! You certainly can’t claim the latter for Marte, and given what’s happened the last couple days you can’t claim the former either.

And by the way, in other baseball-related news, the Red Sox lost this morning. I love the city of Boston, I may want to live there at some point in my life, but today seems a little sweeter because the Red Sox lost. And now that that series is over, the baseball world can go back to normal and play the games at night.

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