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McJournal 7 Source

A bit of an announcement to make: I’m open-sourcing McJournal 7. You can access the source at https://bitbucket.org/jimmysawczuk/mcjournal-7.

A couple of things to note:

  1. I make no guarantees about this code. It’s what ran the site from July 1, 2005 until I took it down last September, but that doesn’t mean it will work on your server. For one thing it takes advantage of some features (i.e. Register_globals) that are no longer encouraged for use.
  2. By open-sourcing the code, I don’t mean for anyone to simply take this and start their own McJournal. It’s for informational purposes and perhaps helpful purposes only.
  3. I didn’t look at the code at all, and thus it’s probably pretty bad. Don’t make fun of me, it was almost three years ago. I didn’t really do much commenting either.
  4. You can’t sell it. You’re free to use whatever you want, but don’t sell it.
  5. The MySQL DB creation script is located in /data. It’ll create the structure of the DB only, but won’t populate anything (you’ll need to populate SOME things for the site to run at all).



My sleep schedule has been incredibly erratic the last few months… and I’m not really sure why. A few tidbits while I try to get some sleep:

  • I think this week I’ll be able to post my official pre-MLB 2008 blog. I’m really looking forward to it, as I am looking forward to the start of the 2008 MLB season.
  • Caught a bit of the Pro Bowl today. Nice to see some Browns on the field again, even though none of them had particularly standout games. If it were me I would start shopping Derek Anderson for some defense – we’ve seen what Brady Quinn can do, and I think Anderson’s best value to this team may be in the form of a trade. With the offensive line the Browns now have, even a mediocre quarterback could do the job, especially with a good defense, and I doubt Quinn will be mediocre.
  • The strike is over. Looks like some of my favorites will be back, including The Office, HIMYM, and House (Heroes and 24 are probably goners for this season).
  • Huckabee continues to fight. He’s making it an interesting race – if things go well for him in the “Potomac Primaries” it’ll be much less of a longshot than it is today. As for the Democrats, Obama continues to make strides and Hillary Clinton is shaking things up.
  • It’s nearly 4 AM and I have class at 9. Good thing I bought some Starbucks Breakfast Blend today, I’m probably going to need it.
  • It was this time last week that I remembered why I love sports. Week 1 of the “Sports Blackout” is over, and by the end of this week baseball will be more or less underway.
  • Temperature check:
    Are you kidding me?