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Indians games

Man, it’s gonna’ be a good day tomorrow. The Indians are playing a doubleheader and somehow playing one “at home” and one on the road. I can’t imagine the last time that happened in baseball, especially when home and road were about 2400 miles apart :).

It’s really nice that we clinched as early as we did though, if we hadn’t done so I’d be worried about using regulars in these games. As it is now, we’re able to use minor leaguers to give the starters some time off and get everyone freshened up.

As for the playoffs, I’ve heard a lot of people say, “Well, what if they play the Yankees?” And it’s true, the Indians were 0-6 against the Yankees this year. But think about this: in those six games, C.C. Sabathia did not start and Fausto Carmona only started once (and pitched well enough to get the win, that was the day of Borowski’s horrific meltdown). If things go well for the Indians, it’s possible that Fausto and C.C. could pitch twice each. Two Cy Young candidates pitching four games in a five game series? I’ll take my chances against the Yankees inconsistent pitching. Other than Chien-Ming Wang, the Yankees don’t really have an ace (Roger Clemens? He’s waaaaay overpaid for what he did this year) and the bullpen is…well, let’s just say the Royals make a lot of pitchers look good, especially Joba Chamberlain. The way the Indians work pitchers, the bullpen could be in there by the sixth inning.

The Red Sox, on the other hand, have some HUGE pitchers that I wouldn’t want to face any day. We’ll see what happens the rest of the way, but today I’d take the Yankees in a heartbeat.